Hang Time / After Party

Below are all of our HZY Playlists for youth! These playlists are Collaborative, which means feel free to add any songs! Ensure that you follow these playlists on Spotify so you can find them on your phone on Friday nights!

Please note we do not play anything explicit at Horizon Youth, so please look for clean versions of songs, however if the song’s content is still not appropriate then please refrain from adding it to our playlists!

Go into settings on Spotify, then playback and set your crossfade to 12 seconds for smoother transitions at youth.

To open these playlists in Spotify, tap the Spotify logo in the top right corner of each playlist below!

Force Hang Time
Chosen After Party


Force Hosting
Chosen Hosting

Tribal Wars

Altar Call

If there are no keys or acoustic available to play music during an altar/salvation call at Youth, then please feel free to use the following songs to play lightly in the background during these moments. The first song is the most suitable so feel free to set your phone on repeat and play it over.

Praise / Worship