Horizon Youth Worship

Welcome to Horizon Youth Worship.

At Horizon Youth we firmly believe in the power of Jesus Christ to impact the lives of young people through Praise and Worship. As musicians, vocalists and sound engineers, we choose to make our gifts available to give glory to God. We understand through doing this we continue towards creating an environment where young people can encounter God themselves.Therefore as a team, we know our personal relationship with God is at the core of our ability to lead.

If you are interested in serving on the HZY Worship team, chat to your Life Group Leader and also fill in our expression of interest form below.


If you are thinking about joining the HZY Worship team, have a listen to all of the fast upbeat praise songs we sing at youth! If you have any song suggestions fill in our song suggestion form below and we will add it to our list of potential songs!

Check out our YouTube & Spotify Praise Playlists below.


Worship is such an important part of Horizon Youth’s identity, we want you guys to be able to listen to and experience worship in your every day. Have a listen to all the songs the HZY Worship team have been playing recently at Horizon Youth.

Check out our YouTube & Spotify Worship Playlists below.